We sell our farm fresh fruit and veggies at

Spillers' Farm Store, 

Good Sheperd Food Bank,

U PICK  berries, veggies, apples and pumpkins,

and our summer CSA

(Commumity Supported Agriculture)

sign up time closes  May 15  


Spillers'  Farm  Store

Spillers' Farm Store is open year round and is well known for

it's meats, sandwiches and pizza. We have  picnic tables

(spring, summer and fall) so you could

bring a lunch or purchase one at Spillers' Farm Store  and

enjoy our farm critters and open space next to our farm pond.


Spillers' Farm Store

1054 Branch Rd.

owned and run by:

     Jim and Jeannine Spiller


7 am - 6pm    7 days