Welcome to Spiller Farm


 Raspberry picking

is fantastic

    (adults only)

There are still some U PICK strawberries 

I alternate U PICKERS between 2 Raspberry patches.

Picking to the ends of the rows and into the bushes and

by your knees will be excellent  picking!!

We are open any day of the 7 day week for U PICK

if the berries are plentiful and the weather cooperates. 

soon Blueberries

U PICK Rhubarb too


Thursday   July 7

We do only 3 hours so you should have  good picking

OPEN   8 am  

with NO ENTRY after  10:30 am

it takes time to enjoy picking berries

closing     11 am


1st   Find our

yellow  U PICK

sign beside 9A 

DRIVE in the direction of the arrow  5 mph

on Spiller Farm Lane past the porta potty.

NOT at the Spiller Farm sign     Farmer ONLY      Thank you

Too many drivers have run over our crops , irrigation lines

and  have become stuck  during mud season!

PARK past the red park sign on grass

straight in almost touching the ribboned wire so

another picker might not back into your vehicle.

WALK  to the red U PICK Sales/Info sign

to our outdoor sales area before picking.

Expect to walk to  our U PICK  berries 

You may bring your own containers

make sure I weigh them before picking

or purchase mine

We accept CASH

No credit/debit at U PICK

U PICK Strawberries will be  $ 3.29 a pound

U PICK Raspberries will be $ 5.29 a pound


Strawberries    Raspberries    Blueberries

are always the best picking at the beginning hour.


We are OPEN any day of the 7 day week

depending on the weather and picking conditions

 Please    check here on the day you want to come.

Come and enjoy our farm

Anna and Bill Spiller


U PICK Strawberries

Rhubarb, beet greens & lettuce too

Saturday     July  6     

8 am- 12 noon

The plan for Saturday will be 8-12 because of

the expected thunder storms in the afternoon

Always check the day you are coming

We accept CASH

Our strawberry patch is looking wonderful

and customers are thrilled with the picking 

Children are welcome

supervised by a responsible adult

OPEN almost everyday

The few days we are closed for ripening, "catch up"

or the weather will not always be planned so please 

always check the day you are coming after 7 am We

can not plan 2 days ahead. The weather and picking

conditions dictate our U PICK days and hours. 



Horse drawn hay rides

our corn on the cobb


farm animals to see

Please check back for more info


We hope you can come to our farm during

U PICK hours mid June - mid October and

spend some quality family time outdoors.


    Look for our yellow

U PICK sign on  Rt. 9A (Branch Road)

Please drive in the direction of the arrow

DRIVE slow down Spiller Farm Lane  (450 feet)

past the porta potty on your left  

PARK  past the red park signs

PARK on grass almost touching the ribboned wire

WALK   past the red sales/info sign 

to our sales area  where you can

see our beautiful strawberry patch 


You may bring your own

picking containers or purchase mine

Our delicious strawberries are $ 2.79 a pound

and right now are fantastic picking



might not be U PICK this year

 veggies are just beginning

blueberries by the 25th of July,

apples should begin  August 20

and pumpkins middle of September

IF the weather will cooperate



Sunny smiles from our farm to you

wishing  you health and happiness

Anna and Bill Spiller