Our strawberries, raspberries

and blueberries have all ripened

at  least 7 - 10 days earlier then

ever before. That means they will

end sooner than usual Come soon.

We have U PICK veggies and

 fantastic raspberry

picking. Please tell your

friends. The bushes are loaded

with wonderful raspberries

Our best crop since 1967

 U PICK Blueberries began July 8

7 - 10 days before the usual 1st  day

They will be done earlier too.

Everyone has been pleased with

the trail and the blueberries.



I choose the morning because it should be

a little cooler and I have an appointment

in the afternoon.! Come at 7 to beet the heat.

You may bring your own berry containers.


July 15        7-11 am

last entrance for berry

picking will be 10 am

It takes time to enjoy picking berries!

U PICK Flowers

across 9A from the store  7 am - 6 pm

honor cash box is on the table

OR pay at u pick Monday  7-11 am

 bring your shears or use mine

U PICK veggies

Bring your own bags, boxes,

prune shears, scissors and/or knives

Peas      Rhubarb    Peppers    

beet greens    summer squash  

green / yellow beans  zucchini

Children are welcome 

with a responsible  adult

Thank you for respecting 

 our farm, crops & animals.

I prefer cash OR checks       Thank you

Bring your container to Sales/Info so I can

weigh it before you pick or purchase mine &

veggies and berries are in different directions.


Find our yellow U PICK sign beside Rt 9A

DRIVE  in the direction of the arrow

Drive very slow so not to hit

our professional mousers

PARK past the red park sign  

straight in & almost touch the rhubarb

so wide farm equipment can go by

WALK to   red Sales/Info  before picking


We will have more for u pick soon

 tomatoes, eggplant, lettuce,  carrots, potatoes,

butter & sugar corn, silver corn, peaches, plums,

 cabbage, watermelon, winter squash,

 pumpkins & apples.


Goats,Mama & baby - Cow & calf  

 can be seen behind the store pond

Walk past and around the green house

and follow the fence behind the pond


  Thank you for coming and enjoying

our farm.       Anna and Bill Spiller















U PICK Strawberries

Rhubarb, beet greens & lettuce too

Saturday     July  6     

8 am- 12 noon

The plan for Saturday will be 8-12 because of

the expected thunder storms in the afternoon

Always check the day you are coming

We accept CASH

Our strawberry patch is looking wonderful

and customers are thrilled with the picking 

Children are welcome