We have HAY tomatoes

 Butter and sugar corn and white corn

at Spillers' Farm Store



almost everyday

depending on the weather    Tuesday and Wednesday

between  9 am and 12       AND   between   3  and 6 pm 

It usually takes more than an hour to U PICK


  U PICK     Paulared apples       .99 #

U PICK Butter and Sugar corn 

Our blueberries ($2.49#) are ripe, plentiful and sweet.

Our best crop ever!!

Come and enjoy our pink ribbon trail

beside the electric fence to the blueberries

walking by our  U PICK  beets and carrots and

our pumpkin/squash/gourd patch (NOT U PICK yet)

Diana has beautiful U PICK flowers 

Chill Hill Flowers


and we have plenty of U PICK veggies

3 varieties of eggplant, peppers and hot peppers,

 green and yellow beans, zucchini,

summer squash, cukes, greens, beets, carrots and

Tomatoes have just begun      red or green  $1.49 #

BYO  pruning shears, knives and scissors


We  accept  CASH

No credit / debit

Pickling, canning, or freezing??

25 #  (2 bags or your boxes)

$15   long cukes  .60 #

$15 beets  .60 # 

$16  corn  4 dozen  @ $4 Doz.

$20  Tomatoes red or green .80 #

These are tomatoes that are small or have more flaws,

cracks, bruises  You should plan to use them

the day you receive them or the very next day.

To arrange a pick up day - time    (week day if possible)




 Pumpkins /winter squash/ gourds will be

open for U PICK  the middle of September


Maine Apple Sunday    September 9

corn on the cob and our 1st cider of  2018

 our 1st free farm tour hay rides 1 and 2 pm


Our 1st U PICK pumpkin farm tour wagon rides

will begin September 15 and 16

  week ends to the middle of October   1 and 2 pm


Our goats can be seen from the store parking lot

Blackie and Brownie have settled in very well

Goat experts claim that the goats should

ONLY be fed a special diet.

So please do not feed them. Thank you


You may feed the  geese bread


Sunny smiles from our farm to you wishing all of you

health and happiness for  2018  Anna and Bill Spiller