U pick open Thursday 8-11 am  not today


by Diana and daughter Jessica    2P-7P

Bring your family to enjoy the flowers

and watch the pollinators at work 

Please be social, but maintain physical distance

and wear a face covering

U PICK days depends on

the weather & condition of the crop

not on a day of the week

30 minutes before closing time

entry to berry patch is closed

30 min. is not enough time to pick berries.

Open only a few hours a day to

have good to very good picking


Picking  berries with children?

I  have always wanted children to know where

their food comes from and the responsibility of 

helping provide food for their family.

Because of   irrisponsible adults  we

allow only one child per adult for berry picking


We put a tremendous amount of work into our

Raspberry  and Blueberry bushes and we must

limit the destruction of unsuppervised kids.



  Thursday   August  13

between    8 & 11 am

You may come after 7 am if you know what and where

I will be at the sales/info before 8 am

Check out by or before 11 am      Thank you


good  picking

Peaches   &   Apples

I will check if  more peaches are ripe Thursday am

Paula red apples are perfect for eating in hand and cooking

Beautiful Flowers  

U PICK and all picked 

Do Not pick Melons and Watermelons

Farmer Bill picks  them vine ripened instead of green and

I expect to have them on my sales table Thursday

maybe quarts of strawberries too


Butter and Sugar Corn    

scroll down for more corn info

Please everyone check in ( children too )

to   sales/info  before picking  and

check out before 11 am.       Thank you


Blueberries are  delicious

We have many blueberries to ripen

If the blueberries are blue but not all blue when you pick

them leave them out of the refrigerator over night and they

usually are just perfect in the morning. Then refrigerate them .

U PICK    Veggies

Butter and Sugar CORN

marked  with ribbons so you will know

exactly which rows to pick      .50 an ear

zucchini , beets & beet greens,

summer squash  all   .79 a pound

fantastic patch of

green and yellow beans  .99 a pound

broccoli ,  green tomatoes,

peppers  and eggplant

soon many more veggies

Please bring your own bags

or pails for veggies


Diana has some beautiful flowers

 Enjoy walking along the pathways as

you pick your flowers. Info, shears and

payment are right in the flower patch.


It is different this year 

Everyone including children

2 and older

will be required to

wear a mask  &  6 foot  distancing

on our farm 

No pets and No smoking   

Thank you

for being considerate of others


Children are welcome in most of our crops

with a responsible adult


Picking Berries into your  containers?

Please place all your containers on the scales together

Give me a name and  I will subtract $ amount of

your container weight after U PICK your berries 


Picking Berries into our U PICK  pails?

You may use  our "professional pails" with a rope

and a plastic bag so you have both hands free


Please bring cash 

( no debit/credit )


Please be considerate of all the knowledge  and work

Farmer Bill does so you can enjoy delicious

berries, veggies and apples from the middle of

June to the middle or end of October.


The few days we are closed for ripening, "catch up"or

the weather will not always be planned so please always

check the  day you are coming after 7 am.

We cannot plan 2 days ahead    The weather and

picking conditions dictate our hours and days


LOOK for our yellow U PICK sign on Rt. 9A Branch Road

DRIVE slow in the direction of the arrow 400 feet on

Spiller Farm Lane

past the porta potty, hand wash and  sales/info 

PARK  on grass after the red PARK  sign straight in

almost touching  1 of 3  ribboned wire fences

so a  customer might not back into your vehicle.

 We hope you will enjoy our farm during

U PICK hours mid June - mid October and 

spend some quality family time outdoors

even with these new rules.



Fall Raspberries in September

 Pumpkins September 12


Wishing all of you health and happiness

Anna and Bill Spiller









U PICK Strawberries

Rhubarb, beet greens & lettuce too

Saturday     July  6     

8 am- 12 noon

The plan for Saturday will be 8-12 because of

the expected thunder storms in the afternoon

Always check the day you are coming

We accept CASH

Our strawberry patch is looking wonderful

and customers are thrilled with the picking 

Children are welcome

supervised by a responsible adult

OPEN almost everyday

The few days we are closed for ripening, "catch up"

or the weather will not always be planned so please 

always check the day you are coming after 7 am We

can not plan 2 days ahead. The weather and picking

conditions dictate our U PICK days and hours. 



Horse drawn hay rides

our corn on the cobb


farm animals to see

Please check back for more info


We hope you can come to our farm during

U PICK hours mid June - mid October and

spend some quality family time outdoors.


    Look for our yellow

U PICK sign on  Rt. 9A (Branch Road)

Please drive in the direction of the arrow

DRIVE slow down Spiller Farm Lane  (450 feet)

past the porta potty on your left  

PARK  past the red park signs

PARK on grass almost touching the ribboned wire

WALK   past the red sales/info sign 

to our sales area  where you can

see our beautiful strawberry patch 


You may bring your own

picking containers or purchase mine

Our delicious strawberries are $ 2.79 a pound

and right now are fantastic picking



might not be U PICK this year

 veggies are just beginning

blueberries by the 25th of July,

apples should begin  August 20

and pumpkins middle of September

IF the weather will cooperate



Sunny smiles from our farm to you

wishing  you health and happiness

Anna and Bill Spiller