Our HAY,  lettuce, rhubarb, beet greens & 

Strawberries are at Spillers' Farm Store

U PICK Strawberries


Saturday  July   2           8 am - 12 noon maybe 5

check back after 7am

30 minutes before closing is NOT 

enough time to pick berries

Please check out before closing time

to avoid the waiting line

We have 2 sales/info areas 

Look for the red PARK sign

and park sfter you drive by it


almost everyday

all depending on the weather and picking conditions

The few days we are closed for ripening, "catch up"

or the weather will not always be planned  


Please always check the day you are coming after 7 am


Please find the yellow U PICK sign on Rt. 9A

Drive behind Spillers' Farm Store

(1054 Branch Road) and up the lane

PARK on the grass past our red PARK sign

WALK  to our outdoor sales/info area

We have plenty of parking 

a porta potty and hand wash station too


You may bring your own containers

(bowls,pails, baskets, NO plastic bags)

make sure we weigh them before picking

OR purchase mine

empty tray  $1.50 -- empty baskets .25 each

U PICK strawberries are    $2.29 a pound


The best berry picking is always the 1st hour

Most people plan on more than an hour

before closing time to pick and enjoy our farm.


We accept CASH

No debit/credit


Please leave your pets home

OR in your vehicle.  Thank you

for being considerate of others


Our cows, bull and 6 calves will be pastured

in their home pasture this week.

They will be near the road again soon.

Never go into 'their' pasture.

Their fence is electric hoping to prevent

them from an unplanned excursion !!

Thank you

Sunny smiles from our farm to you

Anna and Bill Spiller