We have hay, beet greens , RASPBERRIES

and Butter and sugar corn

at Spillers' Farm Store


 U PICK   berries, veggies and flowers

If the rain holds off as the weather people say

I will be open at 9 am  today

The raspberry picking will be wonderful

the blueberries are great picking

Beautiful flowers and veggies too!




ONLY  $4.49 #

Blueberries  $ 2.49 # 

Picking will be good to very good on the bushes that

are ripening. You will find 2-4 blueberries

in each clump of berries 

Berry picking is always best at the beginning hour

U PICK   OR  already picked flowers

and U PICK veggies too

summer squash, zucchini, rhubarb, romaine, beets ,

broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cukes, peppers and soon more

BYO  pruning shears, knives and scissors


OPEN almost everyday  9 am-12 noon

depending on the picking and weather 


We  accept  CASH

No credit / debit

Please DRIVE down Spiller Farm Lane

Past the red sales/info sign

PARK past the red park sign

straight in almost touching

the  ribboned wire 

Please walk to our sales/info 1st

Thank you


 Pumpkins /winter squash/ gourds

are looking wonderful 


5000 strawberry plants are planted for U PICK

in 2019 closer to our farm home so we can keep

the turkeys out of them during the winter

You are welcome to see them when you

come to U PICK berries, veggies & flowers


Diana has been helping us for 3 years

and is raising her own flowers here on the farm

She will sell  her floral arrangements

and U PICK flowers at our U PICK sales area, CSA,

Spillers' Farm Store and Kennebunk Farm Market

contact her at           spillerfarm.diana@gmail.com


U PICK APPLES might begin by

the 20th of August

thru Columbus Day and

most likely beyond

Maine Apple Sunday    September 9

will be our 1st free farm tour hay rides 1 and 2 pm


Our 1st U PICK pumpkin

farm tour wagon rides will begin

Saturday and Sunday

  September 15 and 16

week ends  1 and 2 pm


Our goats can be seen from the store parking lot

Blackie and Brownie have settled in very well

Goat experts claim that the goats should

ONLY be fed a special diet.

So please do not feed them. Thank you


You may feed the  geese bread


Our cows, bull & calves  can be seen often

as I rotate their pastures They  will be 

 across the road from Spillers' Farm Store 

Never go into 'their' pasture.

Their fence is electric to prevent them from

an unplanned excursion !!        Thank you


Sunny smiles from our farm to you

wishing all of you

health and happiness for  2018

Anna and Bill Spiller