I have mown a path to

the ripe apple trees


I have a new beginning to our

blueberry trail

to avoid a mud puddle

and moving or parked trucks


Our 2nd patch of green beans

are perfect picking now

but will be too big soon

summer squash & cukes twist off the plant

 zuccini -- bring your knife

Thank you

chard, kale, parsley - break off above the ground

peppers - snap off the plant  DO NOT PULL

beet greens - pull by thinning the row

beets - leave the greens in the garden

be careful so you do not pull smaller beets

that you do not want

broccoli - snap off with a long stem

( the stem is perfect too because it is fresh)

tomatoes if you know how to look

DO NOT PICK   eggplant - lettuce - carrots

Thank you


Thursday August 21     10 am - 12 noon

Please check out by or before 12      Thank you

most people are done picking in 1 or 1 & 1/2 hours

come at 10 to avoid the check out line at 12

come to sales/info at our

farm home  before picking

Always the best berry picking is the 1st hour

Our sales/info is 400 feet off Rt. 9A (Branch Road) in Wells

85 Spiller Farm Lane 

Drive past the porta potty

PARK on the grass after the PARK sign

straight in

almost touching the wire

with green ribbons

then we can have another row of cars

between the 2 rows if you  park by

almost touching the wire  Thank you


WALK to the front door of our farm house

then left to our out door sales/info area

to avoid going into our working barnyard

Thank you


You may bring your own picking containers

(bowls, pails,baskets)

make sure we weigh them before picking

or borrow our professional picking pails


We accept  CASH

No credit/debit



pets are not allowed in the gardens,

orchard or berry patches

We do have special parking in the shade


Most people plan on arriving

at the beginning hour or

more than an hour before closing time

to pick and enjoy our farm


OPEN almost everyday

depending on the weather and picking conditions

check here the day you are coming or 207-985-2575


Sunny smiles from our farm to you

Anna and Bill Spiller