Farmer Bill has pink ribbons on macs 

 yellow ribbons for cortlands

white ribbons for macoun

and we have many more varieties

  Our apples are looking wonderful and

all varieties but one are ripe

You will still find plenty of beautiful  apples here


Sunset Orchard

come to our sales 1st - go thru our covered bridge

after picking beautiful apples

go back thru our covered bridge to PAY  at our

sales on Spiller Farm Lane  --Thank you


Apple time is usually very busy on

Saturdays and Sundays

If you want to avoid the crowds please

come on the weekdays that we are open

and enjoy our orchard



Saturdays and Sundays at 1, 2 and 3 pm

if the weather is fair

U Pick Pumpkins any day we are open

walking from our sales area to another

pumpkin patch



 zuccini -- bring your knife   Thank you

carrots - we have 2 spades in the carrot patch

Please leave spades upright -- not flat on the ground

ruby red and green chard break off above the ground

2 kinds of kale - break off  the bottom leaves at the stem

 peppers - snap off the plant  DO NOT PULL

beet greens - pull by thinning the row

beets - leave the greens in the garden

be careful so you do not pull smaller beets

that you do not want

broccoli - snap off with a long stem

( the stem is perfect too because it is fresh)

tomatoes @ $1.49 #  or

 .90 a pound if you pick 25 pounds or more

teardrop -purple/black eggplant  & slim purple-Asian eggplant

 bring  your pruning shears for eggplant

Picking a lot of veggies?

You may use our carts (not your vehicle)

Bring veggies to the sales area 

pay and then put into your vehicle

 at the special loading area

 Our fall sales area.

From Rt. 9A (Branch Road)

Drive onto Spiller Farm Lane  150 feet

Park on the left after a red park sign

almost touching the rhubarb -rope - ribboned polywire


Drive onto Spiller Farm Lane only 50 feet

go right just before the rock wall sign

park straight in almost touching the rock wall

please leave by driving to our Spiller Farm sign

across from Spillers' Farm Store


open when needed  and on grass

follow signs to our overflow parking

past the porta potty and hand washer 

park straight in almost touching the ribboned wire


We have more than enough parking for U PICK

The parking at Spillers' Farm Store

should ONLY be used to go to the store

Thank you for being considerate


Thursday    October 2     10 am - 5 pm

come to sales/info before picking

Please check out by or before closing time      Thank you

 plans for the next several days 

 Please check back   Thank you

Thurs ,Fri, Sat. and Sunday ---Oct.2- 3-4-5

weather permitting 10-5

We plan to be open almost everyday  

thru Columbus Day & maybe beyond 

10 am - 5 pm

Please check the day you want to come

weather or something might change these plans


We accept  CASH

No credit/debit


 Please leave your pets home    OR

leave them in your vehicle

Thank you for being considerate of others


Most people plan on arriving

more than an hour before closing time

to pick and enjoy our farm


Sunny smiles from our farm to you

Anna and Bill Spiller