We have HAY,  butter and sugar corn

  apples , apple cider,  corn stalks,

pumpkins, winter squash

and much more at Spillers" Farm Store 




You should pick them very gently  

Our apple orchards are loaded

with tons of beautiful apples at  .99 #

Honey crisp, gala, Macs and Cortlands 

 are ready  and  many more varieties

of delicious apples

-U PICK sunflowers and flowers  


Our Fall Raspberries are perfect

large and firm

$4.49 #      Adults ONLY

Come to sales/info 1st

U PICK Raspberries will be 

10 am Today until all picked 

Expect Raspberries to be

closed some days to ripen


veggies to pick too

tomatoes @ $1.49 #

25 # or more .90 #

Swiss chard , bunch beets, beets

carrots, kale  , cucumbers, zucchini,

 summer squash, peppers, eggplant,

perfect green and yellow beans


BYO knife,scissors OR pruning

shears for some veggies &flowers 

Please ask how to pick if

you have not picked before


Please walk to our 

U PICK sales / info area 1st



10 am - 5 pm  Today

and almost everyday thru and

maybe beyond Columbus Day

weather permitting


 Our pumpkin patches are looking great

Our "walk to" pumpkin patch is

OPEN everyday  10 am-5pm

Our 1st U PICK Pumpkin Hay Ride

Saturday    at 1 pm

 September  24    Sunday        1 and 2 pm

 weather permitting


Parking at Spillers' Farm Store is not acceptable

Thank you for understanding why

Please drive  slow 5 mph down

Spiller Farm Lane 20 feet to

our Rock Wall Parking

Park straight in

almost touching the rock wall

Walk to outdoor sales/info area 


Drive down Spiller Farm Lane

Drive past our red sales/info sign

 park past our PARK sign on grass

straight in

almost touching the rhubarb

WALK  to our outdoor sales/info area



almost everyday

The few days we are closed for ripening, "catch up"

or the weather will not always be planned

Please always check the day you are coming after 8 am


We accept CASH

No debit/credit


Please leave your pets home

OR in your vehicle. Thank you

for being considerate of others


Our cows, new bull and  calves 

are on this side of Rt. 9A 

Never go into 'their' pasture.

Their fence is electric to prevent

them from an unplanned excursion !!

Thank you


Sunny smiles from our farm to you

wishing all of you

health and happiness for 2017

Anna and Bill Spiller