We have  HAY, corn stalks

 Butter and sugar corn and silver corn

at Spillers' Farm Store



almost everyday

until  late October

weather depending

We accept cash

no credit / debit


 Tuesday 10:30 am - 5pm 


 We have  fantastic apple, raspberry,

pumpkin, veggie and flower picking


U PICK Parking

 on Spiller Farm Lane, rock wall parking

and  in our overflow parking

We have more than enough parking spaces

Thank you for being considerate of  

Spillers' Farm Store customers

and park only in the U PICK parking


We have fantastic


Macs,  cortland,delicious, ginger gold 

macoun, gala, spencer and northern spy 

 Our sunset orchard is open too

with empire macs , macoun, cortland,

ginger gold, macs and great picking 

Please walk on the hay trail to and from

the orchard.    Thank you

Our  "walk to" pumpkin (.49#) 

and gourd (.50 each)

patch is  open for U PICK

during open hours


are large and delicious 

U PICK Veggies and Flowers  


BYO pruning shears, knives and scissors

We accept CASH 

 No credit/debit


We have a picnic/play area behind the pond green house

 We have an old blue farm tractor for the kids,

covered bridge and another bridge to see the geese and goats

You may bring your own picnic or purchase pizza,

sandwiches, drinks and picnic supplies at

Spillers' Farm Store

Sunny smiles from our farm to you wishing all of you

health and happiness for  2018  Anna and Bill Spiller