Come and enjoy our orchard and gardens 

before winter sets in. We still have a

green picnic table by the goose pond 

at Spillers' Farm Store. You may bring a lunch

or purchase one at the store.  Our geese love left over bread


Veggies  --carrots,beets, turnips, cabbage

IF you know where they are.

Please do not ask the people in the store

Please pay and park at

Spillers' Farm Store

We have 

butternut, acorn, buttercup and hubbard squash

apples, cider, potatoes, beets, carrtos

sugar pumpkins and HAY

all now at Spillers' Farm Store

We accept CASH

No debit/credit


Please leave your pets home

OR in your vehicle  Thank you

for being considerate of others.


Sunny smiles from our farm to you

Anna and Bill Spiller