1st cut  feed HAY from a small field

      OPEN  6 am- 9 pm everyday 

@ Spillers' Farm Store  1054 Branch Rd  Rt. 9A

We have Spiller Farm rhubarb, beet greens

Strawberries and red leaf lettuce.


1st day Thursday  June 20

8 am - 12 noon

Our strawberry patch is looking wonderful

I'm looking forward to seeing all of

our regular  and new customers


We hope you can come to our farm during

U PICK hours mid June - mid October and

spend some quality family time outdoors.


Always check the day you are coming

Weather and picking conditions may change


    Look for our yellow U PICK sign

on either side of Rt. 9A

Please drive in the direction of the arrow

DRIVE slow down Spiller Farm Lane  (450 feet)

PARK  past the red park sign

PARK on grass almost touching the ribboned wire

WALK   past the red sales/info sign 

to our sales area  where you can

see our beautiful strawberry patch 


Please drive in the direction of the arrow

Strawberry U PICK might be behind 

Spillers' Farm Store

Please DRIVE slow behind

Spillers' Farm Store

DRIVE up Maple Lane

 PARK past the red PARK sign

WALK to our sales/info area


You may bring your own

picking containers or purchase mine 

Children supervised by an adult

(beside you) are welcome

We accept CASH


will begin  early in July

then veggies with

blueberries by the 20th of July,

apples should begin  August 20

and pumpkins middle of September

IF the weather will cooperate



Sunny smiles from our farm to you

wishing  you health and happiness

Anna and Bill Spiller