School Group tours and hay rides 

2022   Sept. 12 - Oct. 14   week days 

Apple  OR  Pumpkin Tour        $5  per child  

Apple/pumpkin tour      $7  per child

  One adult is  FREE with a paying child

Apple picking is very easy from dwarf trees. 

Reservations   subject    group tours

or 207-985-2575     Please  leave a message.       Please speak to Anna Spiller

School group arrival at Spiller Farm Lane  Please drive slow down Spiller Farm Lane, (caution cross walk) past the 1st red PARK sign , porta potty and hand wash station. Drive past the 2nd red PARK sign and PARK straight in almost touching the ribboned wire so another customer might not back into your vehicle.

When everyone has arrived please walk on our safety 1st trail on grass between our garden and raspberry bushes to our Cross - Walk. Cross over Spiller Farm Lane to our sales/info area. Please use our safety 1st hay trail at the sales area and pay with one group payment (cash or check) Adults could purchase empty peck  and 1/2 bushel  apple bags at that time.

Please walk on our safety 1st  hay trail to cross Rt 9A ( Branch Road ) and walk back on the hay trail to our sales area. Please do not walk on Spiller Farm Lane at 9A with vehicles coming in  and going out too fast !     Thank you.

Our farm tour wagon ride will go by strawberry fields, pumpkin/ornamental patch, sunset orchard, corn and more. I hope to show our cows, calves and bull on the hay ride or at the sales area. You might see wild turkeys that live here year round or Canadien Geese resting on our corn ground on their migration south. Look for hawks and blue herring too!

Apple Tour  - 1/4 peck empty Apple bags  per paying child will be after the hay ride.

Pumpkin Tour - Each  paying child  may choose a pumpkin on a small table on the way back to parking on our safety 1st hay trail at the sales area.  I will have one extra pumpkin so the last child will have a choice too.

We have a picnic/play area with a retired farm tractor, a corn stalk teepee, goats , geese and roosters to see, hay and a little red covered bridge to a sand pile all for kids.

Don't forget cameras and to make it a more pleasurable visit boots and warm clothing are recommended.   Any forgotten picnic supplies might be purchased at  Spillers' Farm Store seen from the picnic/play area within walking distance.

Please check the home page for daily info.

We hope everyone enjoys their visit and

it will be a good learning experience for all

Sunny smiles from our farm to you

Anna and Bill Spiller